Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles


Raising Confident, Bright, Social Puppies 

Our puppies are home born and family raised with lots of love and care in our smoke-free home.  We raise our puppies using Puppy Culture which includes socializing protocols, manding, emotional resilience exercises, problem solving, basic skills training, desensitization exercises, and environment enrichment.  The Puppy Culture program provides a week-by-week system which gives structure to raising puppies to become confident, bright, social adult dogs.  We expose puppies to Early Neurological Stimulation protocol from days 5-16 which helps puppies to able to cope with stressful situations, increase problem solving, and support better physical health later in life.  More information about ENS is available at https://youtu.be/ja6E4xa-6Hs. We start litter box training at around 2.5 weeks of age which helps with house training.  They are socialized and raised to become confident puppies by exposure to:

-wide variety of music/radio/TV sounds all throughout the day starting around 2.5 weeks

-sounds (traffic, barking dogs, thunderstorms, trains, farm animals, fireworks, dog shows, etc)

-variety of people including seniors, children, people with beards/glasses/hats/odd outfits

-live vacuum cleaner

-adult dogs

-game bird wings

-household kitchen environment and sounds

-huge variety of toys including toys with different sounds and motions (squeaking, grunting, croaking, crinkling, etc)

-variety of surfaces (grass, hard wood, carpet, concrete, rubber mat, etc)

-toddler play center including interactive sounds and doors

-body awareness/agility basics (slide, barriers, tunnels, balance ball, etc)

-car rides

-Avidog Adventure Box

We work on basic skills training including manding, sit, down, and come.  More information about the Puppy Culture program can be found here.  The Puppy Culture website is found at shoppuppyculture.com.  

Grooming is an important component of any Poodle's life.  Our puppies start with regular nail trimming at a few days old, desensitization on their face/feet with an electric toothbrush at about 3 weeks old, bathing/fluff drying at about 4 weeks old, and full clipper/scissor grooming at about 5 weeks old.  They experience the full grooming process several times before going with their new families so they get accustomed to it. 

Our puppies are evaluated at 7 weeks old with the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and conformation structural evaluation which aids in pairing our puppies with the right home based upon their lifestyle and goals.  The Volhard test predicts inherited behavioral tendencies and how the puppy will turn out as an adult.