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Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles

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We'd love to hear from you! If you would like to receive more details about our puppies, please complete our application below. The demand often exceeds the number of puppies we have available. We want our puppies to go to the best of homes! We like to get to know the goals and lifestyle of each potential family. This information helps us start the dialog to ensure that each of our puppies are matched with the right family. The more detailed information you provide, the more accurately we can assess if we have a good match. Thanks for taking the time to complete the information below!  

Completing the application below does not automatically add you to our reservation list. We do reserve the right to reject an application or void a reservation at any time if we feel any family is not a good fit for our puppies. The health, safety, and care of our puppies is our top priority at all times. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, ancestry, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. Our puppies live with a variety of families and lifestyles. If you have difficulty completing the form below, feel free to cut and paste it into an email instead. You can reach Evelyn directly at [email protected] dot net. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Note that our initial email will contain lots of details and photos which sometimes is caught in spam filters. We also have a busy dog show schedule plus full time jobs which sometimes cause a delay in responding to applications. Please reach out again if you do not receive a response within a couple weeks as sometimes we experience technological problems. Please no unsolicited spam messages.

6. Would you prefer a male or a female puppy?*
7. Although we cannot guarantee what exact color your puppy will be as an adult, what color puppy would you prefer?*
8. If you preferred sex and/or color are not available, are you open to considering other puppies?
9. Have you ever owned a Standard Poodle before?*
10. Most families typically have to wait for their puppy. In what time frame are you hoping to get your puppy? *
11. What is your living situation?*
12. In what area do you live?*
13. What is your living setting?*
14. What is the general activity level of your home?*
16. Is there anyone with allergies in your household?*
18. Where will your puppy live?*
19. Do you have a secure fenced area in your yard for your puppy to run and play (not a dog park)?*
20. How will your puppy be safely confined when alone?*
21. Who will care for your puppy when you are away for extended time periods such as vacation?*
22. Will someone in your household have time to play with and walk your puppy daily?*
23. Poodles are a very versatile breed that can excel in many different dog sports and activities. What activities are you planning to do with your puppy? (Select more than one if needed.)
25. Are you interested in our Guardian program and open to our pick brown male puppy? You would need to be interested in showing your puppy, stay in regular contact, and should be within approximately a 2 hour driving radius of our home so that we can best support you. More details are found under the Guardian Program tab. *
27. Are you planning to breed your puppy at the appropriate age?
28. Would you ever consider breeding any cross breed puppies such as doodles yourself?
29. Poodles require regular grooming. This includes having the coat completely groomed, nails trimmed, and ears cleaned/plucked at least every 4-8 weeks. How will you regularly groom your puppy?*
31. Are you planning on earning an AKC CGC title with your puppy to demonstrate the puppy is a behaved community member?
32. Do you intend to crate train your puppy so it can be safe while not supervised?*
33. Do you plan to have health insurance for your puppy?
38. Is the puppy a surprise gift for someone else? *
39. How did you hear about Piccolo's Poodles?*
40. Are you willing to have an initial meet and greet in a public setting (Lowe's, park, dog show, or pet store) or via Zoom virtually before picking up your puppy? This allows you to meet some of our dogs and ask questions. We will also discuss your lifestyle, goals, and preferences.*
41. Are you willing to travel to our home northwest of Baltimore, MD to pick up your puppy?*
42. We provide lifetime support with any questions/concerns and always welcome updates about our puppies! Are you committed to staying in touch with us for the life of your puppy?*
43. Do you have a Facebook account to follow updates about our puppies?*
44. Are you willing to join our private Piccolo's Poodles Families Facebook group to share updates, ask questions, celebrate success, plan social outings/annual pool party, and stay in touch with other Piccolo's families?
45. Have you or anyone one in your household ever been charged with animal cruelty or had any animal taken away from you or anyone in your household for suspicion of animal cruelty? *
46. Have you ever rehomed a pet?*
47. Have you or anyone in your household ever has privileges suspended by the AKC, UKC, CKC, or any such club?*
48. We respect and support other responsible breeders. Do you currently have an established contract and deposit placed with another breeder for a new puppy?*
49. If you are no longer able to care for your puppy or adult dog for any reason, are you prepared to return it to us so we can find a new suitable home? *
54. I have completed this application truthfully to the best of my ability. I understand that completing this application does not automatically add me to the Piccolo's Poodles reservation list. Furthermore, I understand that Piccolo's Poodles reserves the right to reject my application or void my reservation at any time if I'm not a good fit for any Piccolo's puppies.
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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible