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"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."  -Gene Hill

We make sure our puppies go to the best of homes where we know they will become a loved companion for many years. We have heard many compliments on how well our puppies fit into their new homes. After one family picked up their brown female puppy, her sister loved the puppy so much that she came back to buy a brown male puppy!

Message from Joan - 2009 litter
Message from Dr. and Mrs. Neseh - 2014 litter

We found Piccolo’s Poodles after searching for a pure breed poodle for six months. We wanted to find a local breeder, which we could visit and have a continuous relationship with. After initial contacts, we were happy to find out that Prada had five babies. We followed the growth of the babies on Facebook, which was updated on regular basis. It was clear from the pictures that were posted that Evelyn and Thomas loved the puppies and cared for them very much!

After our first visit, we were very happy that we picked Piccolo’s Poodles. The puppies were cared for with great detail and their mother looked very healthy. Prada was very friendly and well mannered. The two of the puppies that we met were highly energetic and well taken care of. We fell in love with Athena at first sight. She was beautiful and very friendly. We received the AKC registrations of both parents and were impressed by their history. We could not wait to bring Athena home. Our son was counting the days. In the meanwhile, we received the first veterenarian visit results. We were not surprised to hear that everything checked out well. 

We received answers to all of our questions during and after our initial visit. We consider Evelyn and Thomas part of our extended family. After bringing Athena home we were impressed by her intelligence. She learned the initial commands on the first day: sit, give me paw, down. Shortly after bringing Athena home, we hired a trainer who comes to our house for training Athena. She learned everything we asked her to very easily and continues to impress us. She is the princess of our family and we are looking forward to have many beautiful memories with her.

Dr. & Mrs. Naseh

Message from Art and Louise - 2011 litter
Message from Susan - 2011 litter
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