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URO2 Piccolo's Black Pepper BN CD RN RA TKN TKI CGC Achiever Dog NTD TDI VCX CHIC (Pepper)

In Memory

Pepper was born 11/14/08 from CH UUD URO3 Piccolo's Maxwell Edison Swartz CD CDX RN RA RE RAE TKN CGC Achiever Dog CD-C CDX-C UD-C CHIC and Piccolo's Pretty Penny CD CDX RN RA RE TKN CGC Achiever Dog TDI VCX CHIC. She was a beautiful inky black color, 24" at the shoulder, and weighed about 55 pounds. Her pedigree can be found at although keep in mind that all titles may not be updated in this public database.  

She was fully OFA/CHIC health tested. She was certified by the OFA for her eyes, hips, thyroid, sebaceous adenitis, and heart. Her OFA health testing link is

Pepper has earned the following titles and awards:

  • AKC BN and CD obedience titles
  • AKC RN and RA rally titles
  • AKC TKN and TKI trick dog titles
  • AKC CGC title
  • UKC URO1 and URO2 rally titles
  • DMWYD NTD trick dog title
  • Therapy Dog International certification
  • AKC Achiever Dog award for earning titles in at least 3 different AKC dog sports
  • Versatility Certificate Excellent Award for her performance in obedience, rally, temperament, health testing, and CHIC public registry.  

Pepper had 2 litters. She was the mother of Prada. She passed away on 1/20/21 at over 12 years old. She was owned, handled, and bred-by Evelyn Comer.

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