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Piccolo's Royal Sebastian SDIT (Bash) 

Bash was born 11/10/22 from GRCH Crystal Creek's Pursuit of Happyness CGC CGCA TKN TKI and PN BN CD ACD URO3 RACEN RACEA RACES GRCH Piccolo's As You Like It BN CD RN RI RA RE CGC CGCA TKN TKI BCAT DCAT FCAT CA CAA CAX SN-C CD-C NTD 2K9 TDI Total Dog VCX CHIC. He is solid brown in color.  His pedigree can be found at although keep in mind that all titles may not be updated in this public database.


He has begun OFA/CHIC/VGL health testing. His OFA health testing link is XXX.  His VGL BetterBred testing link is

We look forward to his show career.


Bash is currently training to become a diabetic alert service dog.


He is owned and bred-by Evelyn Comer. He is handled by Deborah Dannelly. 


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