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Poodle Grooming

We offer private grooming in our home for our well behaved puppies and dogs through their life. We do not groom any breed other than Poodles.  


We want your puppy or adult dog’s grooming experience to be pleasant and enjoyable. We will do all we can to make it a positive experience. We use praise and treats during the grooming session and free playtime in our home afterwards. We only groom each animal individually in our home so they get specific attention, focus, and care. Please note that grooming is very limited, may be relocated outside, and/or may require additional biosafety protocol while we have young puppies in our home to protect their health. We will also suggest any ongoing training or grooming that would benefit the animal to continue at home.


We suggest a 3-4 week regular grooming schedule. Please book your appointment weeks in advance to stay on schedule. Last minute grooming cannot be accommodated. A complete makeover without proper previous coat maintenance will incur additional time and fees. Typical grooming appointments will be 1-6 hours depending on the specific needs of your puppy or adult dog. 


Pre-existing conditions such as allergies, clipper sensitivity, matting, fleas, behavioral issues, joint issues, illness, etc. must be disclosed by the owner prior to grooming. We will refuse service to any ill animal exhibiting parasites, diarrhea, vomiting, limping, fleas, ticks, any disease, etc that needs veterinary attention. Animal must be current on DHPP vaccine or titer tested within the last year. Animal must be current on rabies vaccine after 6 months old.


Full grooming includes bath, forced air dry (over 16 weeks old), fluff dry, shaved face/feet/tail/sanitary, hand scissor finish, nail trim, ear hair plucking, and ear cleaning unless requested otherwise by the owner. Show bands to the occiput are included if requested. Owner must inform us of any deviation from the typical grooming before the grooming session. AKC or UKC show trim details must be discussed before the grooming session. We use Johnson’s Tear Free Baby Shampoo on puppies under 16 weeks old. We use Chris Christensen grooming products on animals over 16 weeks old. Owner understands that payment in full is due at pick up via PayPal, Venmo, cash, or check (cash preferred). 


 Fee schedule as of 1/1/2023 (not including customary tip):

  • Puppy under 16 weeks old: $50

  • Over 16 weeks old pet trim: $130

  • Over 16 weeks old puppy show trim: $160

  • Adult HCC show trim: $185

  • Adult full continental trim: $215

  • Complete makeover without proper previous coat maintenance: $275

  • Additional fees for matted hair: starting at $20

  • Additional fees for fleas or any parasite or disease


Below are some images from our grooming portfolio including some before/after transformations.  

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