Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles


Celebrating Success! 

We love to support the achievements of our puppies with their families!  Our puppies have been successful in obedience, rally, conformation, trick dog, service work, disc dog, coursing, dock diving, therapy, scent work, Fast CAT, etc.  These are some of their achievements!  


Neely loves working with his owner!  He was her first Standard Poodle.  He is a very happy boy and loves every person he meets.  He has excelled in obedience in several venues including AKC, UKC, and CDSP.  He has earned over 50 performance and conformation titles and awards.  He was the 2019 #1 CDSP Utility B dog.  Neely is from our 2012 litter.  


Coco is the first performance dog for her owner.  She's a loving, biddable girl.  She has earned her AKC TKN and TKI trick dog; BCAT, DCAT, and FCAT Fast CAT; CGC and CGCA titles.  She also excels at nose work and has earned her SCN, SCI, ORT, and NW1 titles.  She is a certified TDI therapy dog.  She also enjoys working in agility.  Coco is from our 2015 litter.  

GCH Piccolo’s What’s Not To Love UIC CGC CHIC 

Miquette's passion is dics dog!  She also shines in the confirmation ring.  She has earned her GCH title and was the 2014 #1 UKC conformation Standard Poodle.  She also has earned her AKC CGC title.  Miquette is from our 2012 litter.

CH Piccolo’s Masterpiece In Progress RN TKN TKI DJ CGC

Pierre is the first show dog for his owner.  He has earned his AKC RN rally, TKN and TKI trick dog, DJ dock diving, and CGC titles.  He has earned his UKC Championship.  He loves working in obedience, dock diving, trick dog, agility, and protection work.  He is the mascot for his owner's grooming salon in Whitesboro, NY.  Pierre is from our November 2019 litter.  

CH Piccolo’s Espresso Louie Norris CGC CHIC

Louie earned his conformation Championship as a puppy in just one weekend of showing!  He also earned his AKC CGC title and is a loved member of his local beach community in South Carolina.  Louie is from our 2015 litter.

Piccolo's Jasper Monty (working service dog)

Jasper is a working service dog for his teenage owner.  He retrieves medications and dropped items, turns on/off lights, assists with forward momentum, and provides deep pressure therapy.  He gives his owner independence and success.  In the future, he will support her ability to attend college.  He is in training at Independent K9 LLC in Martinsburg, WV.  Jasper is from our June 2019 litter.  

CH Jed's Harrison Colando of Piccolo CGC

Harrison loves swimming and retrieving in the lakes of his home in Michigan.  He also shines in the conformation ring and has earned his Championship title.  He has earned his AKC CGC title.  Harrison is from our 2018 litter.  

Piccolo's Sancho Panza de La Mancha (medical alert service dog)

Sancho works as a hypoglycemia medical alert service dog for his owner.  He completed his training at the Service Dog Academy.  He loves traveling to Mexico to visit family.  Sancho is from our 2016 litter.  

Piccolo’s Concerto for a Bluebird CGC TDI

Laa-laa loves her life with her family in Maine.  Her family works in the medical field so Laa-laa earned her AKC CGC and TDI to help as a therapy dog in their work.  Laa-laa is from our 2014 litter.

Piccolo's Simply Simon CGC TKN

Simon (right in photo) loves living with his family in upstate New York on the shore of Lake Ontario.  He provides support for his owner who suffers from cognitive medical issues and dementia similar to Alzheimer's Disease plus his daughter who has cerebral palsy among other medical conditions.  Simon has earned his AKC CGC and TKN trick dog titles.  Simon is from our 2016 litter.  

Dreemscapes Call’in Me Home From Piccolos RN CGC CHIC

Call'in lives in Montana with Dreamscapes Standard Poodles and enjoys the wide outdoors.  He has earned his AKC RN rally and CGC titles.  Call'in is from our 2016 litter.  

TDCH Piccolo’s to Waypoint This Looks Bad RN TKN TKI TKA VHMP VHMA NTD ITD ATD ETD ATD-Masters AtoZ (working service dog)

Bishop is training to become a working service dog for his owner in Massachusetts.  He loves dock diving, trick dog, and obedience training.  He has earned his AKC RN rally title; AKC TKN, TKI, TKA trick dog titles; AKC VHMP and VHMA virtual home manners titles; and DMWYD NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, ATD-Masters, AtoZ, and TDCH trick dog titles.  Bishop is from our November 2019 litter.  

Piccolo’s She’s Got Magic NTD NTD-M ITD ATD  AtoZ

Aelin loves trick training and earned her first official title at 11 weeks old.  She has earned her DMWYD NTD, NTD-M, ITD, ATD, and AtoZ trick dog titles.  She also enjoys walks on the beach and woods near her home in North Carolina.  Aelin is from our 2020 litter.

Piccolo's Jubilant Corabelle VHMP

Cora is a loving companion to her family.  Her owner is a cosmetologist and Cora loves being a beautiful princess.  She has earned her AKC VHMP manners title.  Cora is from our November 2019 litter.  

Piccolo’s Prelude to the Blue Boy CGC TDI

Tiger loves his life with his family in Maine.  His family works in the medical field so Tiger earned his AKC CGC and TDI to help as a therapy dog in their work.  Tiger is from our 2014 litter.  

Piccolo's Orso 

Orso has been an excellent companion for his family with dog allergies and competed in various 4H projects with the children.  He won Reserve Grand Champion in the 4H Howard County Fair show in 2015.  Orso is from our 2010 litter.  

Piccolo's Freki of the Sagas CGC

Freki is a wonderful companion for his retired family.  He loves agility training and has earned his AKC CGC title.  Freki is from our 2018 litter.   

Piccolo's Koenig CGC TKN

Koenig enjoys swimming in his family's pond and is best friend to the family's older Poodle.  He has earned his AKC CGC title and TKN trick dog title.  Koenig is from our 2018 litter.  

Piccolo's Bee CGC

Bee is a loving companion to her family and best friends with their granddaughter.  She enjoys hiking and agility training.  She has earned her AKC CGC title.  Bee is from our 2014 litter.