Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles


Satisfied Clients

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

-Gene Hill


We make sure our puppies go to the best of homes where we know they will become a loved companion for many years.  We have heard many compliments on how well our puppies fit into their new homes.  After one family picked up their brown female puppy, her sister loved the puppy so much that she came back to buy a brown male puppy!

Message from Joan - 2009 litter

We were a little hesitant about choosing a breeder - a puppy is a big responsibility and a large investment of time, love and funds. The Comers made the process so wonderful. We met Ginny and her siblings and her mom, we were able to play with the dogs and assess their personalities.


We made the right choice. Our Ginny is smart, healthy, beautiful and a joyful addition to our family. The socialization and love she was given by her first family provided her with a strong foundation and we have loved welcoming her into ours. Let me encourage you to bring a Standard into your lives, and in particular, let the Comers help you add a loving member to your family.


Message from Dr. and Mrs. Neseh - 2014 litter

We found Piccolo’s Poodles after searching for a pure breed poodle for six months. We wanted to find a local breeder, which we could visit and have a continuous relationship with. After initial contacts, we were happy to find out that Prada had five babies.  We followed the growth of the babies on Facebook, which was updated on regular basis. It was clear from the pictures that were posted that Evelyn and Thomas loved the puppies and cared for them very much!


After our first visit, we were very happy that we picked Piccolo’s Poodles.  The puppies were cared for with great detail and their mother looked very healthy.  Prada was very friendly and well mannered.  The two of the puppies that we met were highly energetic and well taken care of.  We fell in love with Athena at first sight. She was beautiful and very friendly. We received the AKC registrations of both parents and were impressed by their history. We could not wait to bring Athena home. Our son was counting the days. In the meanwhile, we received the first veterenarian visit results. We were not surprised to hear that everything checked out well. 


We received answers to all of our questions during and after our initial visit. We consider Evelyn and Thomas part of our extended family. After bringing Athena home we were impressed by her intelligence. She learned the initial commands on the first day: sit, give me paw, down. Shortly after bringing Athena home, we hired a trainer who comes to our house for training Athena. She learned everything we asked her to very easily and continues to impress us.  She is the princess of our family and we are looking forward to have many beautiful memories with her.



Dr. & Mrs. Naseh

Message from Art and Louise - 2011 litter

Truffles playing with his new friend Mickey.Truffles passed his exam with Dr. Connor yesterday with flying colors.  She remarked about how good his physical condition was and how he had obviously received good care.  He is having a good time running around in the yard and has learned to take turns chasing Mickey.  Truffles loves romping in the snow and doesn't want to come in. He also loves to eat the snow.  I have included some photos  to show him in the snow and "sharing" a toy with Mickey.  Even though we bought several toys for Truffles he seems to like Mickey's toys the best.  


Thanks and regards,



 Truffles.  7 months old.

Message from Susan - 2011 litter

Orso's new family.Orso is doing great and we can't imagine life without him! We've noted no allergy issues with my son, thank goodness. His registered name will be Piccolo's Orso Nero (black bear in Italian). We call him Orso.

Housebreaking is going well. He's never had an accident in his kennel and only a few pee accidents in the house. He visited the vet on Wednesday (Laytonsville vet clinic) and received a clean bill of health.


We are all enjoying Orso tremendously. He already has a new collar, leash, dishes, toothbrush (which my daughter can't wait to use on his teeth) and toys. I think the kids were more excited than the pup when I brought home new toys for Orso. He cried for 2 hours in his kennel the first night, but both both nights since, he has went right in and fell asleep without even a wimper. He's so social and stays right with us all day. We haven't even needed gates so far, but I suspect he'll become more curious in the weeks to come. He spends a couple of hours sleeping in my arms every evening which is just so relaxing for both of us. He's been just amazing!


I hope all the other pups are just as happy in their new homes!




Orso is 50 pounds already (loves to eat) and the best dog EVER! We are so in love with him! My daughter signed up for 4-H and will be showing him at the county fair. He already does several commands and loves to go walking with us in the park. Orso adjusted well to the invisible fence and has 3 acres to patrol. He loves being out in his yard.




Message from Hillary - 2012 litter

Just want to give you an update on Gunner, what a good boy he is. He went to the vetGunner off to his new home.  8 week sold. yesterday and received a clean bill of health. He certainly is very handsome, and so smart. I live on a second floor unit and he already climbs the stairs like a pro. He is a pleasure to be around and learning to potty outside pretty well. He sure does eat a lot! I just want to thank you again, he's the perfect best friend/companion for me and I look forward to taking great care of him his whole doggie life. I will keep you updated on "Piccolo's Gunner Twenty 4 Hundred" his AKC name, which I will be mailing out tomorrow. 24:00(Twenty 4 Hundred) is Army time for midnight, since he is black in color! Me and my fiance picked it out.

Thank you!


Message from Tina - 2012 litter

Miquette is doing well. She is very sweet. Growing like a weed. I can take her for long walks and she does not tire. When I take her outside she follows me around. She plays but does not try to run off. Very smart baby.


She also  bonded with me by Friday- which absolutely amazed me. I thought she wowuld miss her kennel mates but it seems she did not take one look back. After a long walk I was able to groom her face and feet.  


When she is hungry, she squeals and dances around the kitchen. I know exactly what she wants. She eats like a horse. 




Miquette's new family.  8 weeks old.


Miquette is doing well.  She weighs 16.9 lbs.  She runs so fast.  Loves to eat.  Loves all her toys.  I am glad she's still small enough to pick up and cuddle.



Miquette is doing very well.  Her weight on Tuesday was 24.4 lbs.  Vet said she is going to be tall.  Everyone tells me she has a pretty face.  It really attracts attention.  She runs so fast, I can't catch her anymore.  Best of all she is a bundle of love.



Miquette's favorite toy is a frisbee.  I was very surprised she would be so much of a retriever but she is excellent.  She loves to play with JoeJoe my Scottie. 


Yesterday I took Miquette to a match in Lancaster.  We won Best Puppy in the Non-Sporting group.  We went onto Best Puppy in Match.  We made the cut to the last three dogs but were not chosen for the final win.  It was a lot of fun.  So, Miquette, my baby "Pink", won two pink ribbons yesterday and a toy.  I was so happy you could not peel me from the clouds.


I also wanted to let you know that she sleeps on the bed with her belly up.  Too cute.


Message from Marguerite - 2012 litter

Niall is 4 months today.  He'll make his UKC debut in the nonlicensed class Novice Puppy (3-6 months).  He's such a happy dog!  He's terrifically smart and cuddly.  He likes to lie down right next to me so he's on my feet or leaning on my leg.  Most mornings we go for a one-mile walk around the rec park loop and practice walking nicely as well as doing recalls from the end of the Flexi leash.  He's very friendly and wants to jump on everyone and every dog he meets while we're out.  He started out the first night home in a crate in my bedroom and only fussed a little bit - he's entirely cool with the routine now.  He's still not allowed free run of the house but I'd say he's 99.9% housebroken and has been for a while.  In the evening he's on-leash and we hang out watching TV.  He's getting a little big for my lap, but I still pull him up for a cuddle sometimes.  And he often sleeps upside down, just like his mom :)



Message from Jennie and Joel - 2012 litter

Plato is magnificent in every way!  55 pounds and as smart as his name indicates.  We are crazy in love.  Thank you for bringing him into the world! 


Jennie and Joel

Message from Jennifer and Jim - 2011 litter

We wanted to let you know that Dewey is settling in just great!  She's got a lot of personality, loves to play and run circles in the yard.  Then she's pooped out!  It's been a while since we had a puppy and it'sDewey's new family. so much fun.  I try to have a daily routine with her and so I say "Let's go get the paper" and today she followed me down, I picked up the paper in the plastic bag and she took it and brought it all the way back up the driveway to the garage.  She LOVES those squeak toys, we've never had a dog who liked them so much!  She figures out where they squeak and chomps down!  As you can see, she brings lots of fun to our home!  Thanks so much!

Jennifer and Jim


UPDATE AT 1 YEAR OLD: Now that Dewey is almost a year, I thought I'd touch base and tell you how delighted we are that she's a member of our family.  She is such a sweetheart and wonderful company.  Every morning she is delighted to see us and can't wait to get our morning paper.  If ours isn't at the bottom of our driveway, she just goes across the street and takes our neighbors (which I have to return!).  She is always so excited whenever we have company, but after about five minutes she calms down.  Even when she jumps up, she is so dainty that she wouldn't run anyone over.


Our son is deploying to Afghanistan, and I've had a few emotional moments, and Dewey knows.  She will be across the room and will come over because she senses that I could use a pick me up.


Our daughter and son have dogs as well and Dewey gets along great with them, she's very submissive to both, she just loves to play with them.  Just so you know she stayed on the small side, which I'm happy about, she weighs about 40 pounds and I don't think she's as tall as her Mom.


I just wanted you to know that I am so happy that we got Dewey from you.  She obviously comes from great bloodlines because she has such a great personality.  I look forward to coming home from work each day because I know I've got someone who can't wait to see me!  Thanks again for such a great addition to our family!



Message from Shelby - 2011 litter

Rozalyn's new family.She is absolutely darling!!!! She is sooo gorgeous, curious, and smart! I am going to name her Rozalyn. Thank you so much for everything.













Message from Coco - 2009 litter

To my first human parents Evelyn and Tom.  Please let my doggy mommy, Penny know I'm adjusting great to my new home.  The first night without Navy, Purple, Pink, Ginny and Charlie Brown was hard.  I got to meet my new MomMom and PopPop and played with my Aunt her dog Sweetie, I'm bigger.  She's a poodle too, but a minature.  I stayed with Grandma and Grandpop for a few hours so I wouldn't be by myself.  I just slept there because I was tired.  I'm starting to do pretty good walking on my leash.  Every now and then I want to go farther then it will reach.  I also have discovered I have a nice backyard to run and play in.  It will be great to run around and play back there with Mary when it gets warmer.  It's too cold now.  I have also learned how to go up and down steps.  They are fun.  I'm also working on learning to go outside to go potty.  I have had a few accidents, but I'm learning.  In the morning, I play with Mary until she has to leave to go to school.  I really haven't gotten to meet Andre, my doggy brother.  He's still unshore of me.  I'm already bigger than he is.  He is a poodle too, but a minanture.  He does come to say hi in the morning though.  Mommy says when she has some new pictures of me, she will send you copies.  Give mommy Penny, Navy and Pink a hug and kiss for me.

Coco aka Orange

Message from Lisa - 2009 litter

Love has learned to sit, give his paw and sit up for treats.  All Kathryn has to say is "what does a good boy do?" and he sits.  His favorite toy seems to be a flattened 2 liter plastic bottle and sticks in the yard.  He really loves the warm weather now.  He loves running back and forth in the yard.  Hope Mama Penny and sis Pepper are doing well.