Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles


Guardian Program - Only One Special Puppy Per Litter 


In an effort to provide excellent family homes while expanding our breeding options, we offer a Guardian program option to one pick puppy per litter.  As the gene pool for quality Standard Poodles is very limited, having more animals available allows more genetic diversity possibilities for future breeding to produce healthy puppies. Being a Guardian home is an excellent, lower cost way to have a top quality puppy as a family pet or show dog.  


In this program, the Guardian family raises the puppy like normal while the AKC registration remains in the breeders name.  The Guardian is responsible for the daily care, veterinarian costs, food, training costs, etc just like buying a puppy.  The Guardian is also responsible to put at least one AKC or UKC title on the puppy.  The title(s) can be in any conformation or performance avenue including obedience, rally, agility, tracking, lure coursing, hunting, fly ball, barn hunt, therapy, etc.  Putting a title on a dog proves the animal is stable, intelligent, and can work in a stressful environment.  As in incentive, Guardian homes receive a $750 discount off their puppy and all health testing associated with breeding for free.  


As the breeder, I pay for all health testing associated with breeding after the puppy is 2 years of age.  If all the health testing, performance, structure, and temperament shows the puppy is of breeding quality, they might become an active part of our breeding program.  All costs related to breeding will be paid by me the breeder.  The dog will return to me for breeding.  Males are only needed for a couple days typically, while females will stay at my home through their heat cycle, whelping, and raising of the litter.  Females never have more than 3 litters total nor are they bred before the age of 2 years old or after the age of 6 years old.  Males may be kept intact for up to the age of 10 years old.  We do not have behavior problems with our intact males, but we will not allow a Guardian home to have a male if they also have another intact female of any breed to prevent accidental breeding. 


If the puppy does not prove it is a good breeding candidate or when it completes its breeding career, it will be neutered and live out its life as a cherished family pet.  At that time, all AKC registration paperwork will be changed to reflect that the Guardian is the sole owner of the dog with limited registration.  Your home is their home for their entire life. 


Guardian homes must be within a 2 hour driving radius of my home and must stay in regular contact.  The Guardian program is for people with are not interested in breeding their puppy themselves, but would like to contribute to my breeding program at a reduced price for their own puppy.  As an incentive, Guardian homes receive a $750 discount off their puppy. 


We only offer one Guardian puppy per litter, so please let me know if this option sounds like a good fit.